Venue and program


This year’s edition of Kansas start-up will be held at Fort Hays State University, in the Robbins Center, from Friday Nov 10th to Sunday November 12th 2017.


Friday, November 10th

The event starts at 6:00 pm. Participants who have an idea will be able to pitch it and share it with others, so that they can form teams who will work together for the weekend.
Please, get to the event on time and bring your ideas and PC/mobile device.
Pitches start at 8 pm in the Eagle Communications Hall of the Robbins Center

Saturday, November 11th

This is when you prototype your idea and you start sketching and validating your business model and idea prototype. Mentors, coaches, and facilitators will be there all day to help you and boost your project.

Sunday, November 12th

On Sunday, you will fine-tune your idea with your team and prepare a presentation that will impress the judges. The jury will select the most promising business. Cash and in-kind prizes will be awarded.
Preliminary presentations start at 2 pm.